What will your diagnosis be? Will your Nurse subject you to a sensual, yet painful experience? Will you act out your prepubescent fantasies, secretly wanting to touch yourself? The Nurse who has all knowledge is waiting for you. Once on the examination table, your simple hospital gown will offer you little protection!

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Have you been naughty lately? Can't get that fetish off your mind? Are you a macho chauvinist pig, a greedy executive, or chronic masturbator? The Mistress will set you straight, with items to suspend, bind, mummify, punish, stimulate, stretch, sensually deprive, or humiliate and train. 

Perhaps you are a sissy maid/slut secretly wearing panties under your cloths? Mistress will transform you into the woman you really are with an extensive collection of wigs, shoes, lingerie and a comprehensive wardrobe. Within minutes you'll be strutting in a tight satin skirt, silky stockings and garter belt! Makeup lessons and beauty tips. sexy fingernails in red, pink or natural. Full maid/training/school. Social events/outings/shopping. Relax or maid in discrete and comfortable surroundings. Become a slut or a lady. Sessions conducted in the "Pink Room."

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Having trouble remembering your duties around the house, having to be told repeatedly to take the trash out? Procrastination, unproductive or lazy at work? The Mistress will snap you out of it!  Be prepared however as some preparation may be necessary (shaving) to obtain desired results. Medical restraints may also be used, should you have a sudden change of mind. Will the Mistress be gentle and compassionate, or divinly strict?  

Sessions conducted in the new Black Room. Padded walls to drown out your cries and whimpers, the famous and inescapable "Munchen Bed" which to my knowledge no other has in the USA. Stainless steel crash cart containing every electrical device ever made!

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You will be forced to turn over complete control, of all bodily effluences to the Nurse Mistress, and your condition will be treated accordingly. Treatments are often administer in a sensual and relaxing way. If however you become a reluctant patient, you will be forced to endure your treatment while restrained and could result in an intense experience. Custom made treatments for incontinent and erectile dysfunction. Extended sessions are highly recommended. 

Session conducted in the new "White Room" An array of clinical equipment, gleaming while walls, mirrors, rubber and spotless stainless steel instruments.

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Are you a fatty? Be prepared and sincere because once started there is no turning back! Mistress is a great motivator and will whip you into shape! A strict and regulated program which involves a visit every 4 weeks to tract your progress or failures.

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Lost, confused? Have questions about D/s fetishes? Simply need to bare your soul? You can speak privately to me,  I understand. Personal consultations and trainings for those unable to visit the clinic due to distance, discretion, or inhibitions. Your own uninterrupted phone time with the Nurse Mistress!  Web cam and email also available. Los Angeles Premier Dominatrix.

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