Top Things to know

  • Session Rates for Pro Dommes start at 300/hr (My area). Myself and Mistresses of similar Caliber will be on the higher end. Want to know the difference?
  • Most legitimate Mistresses in the States and abroad are known to Me and I to them. If you're not sure you visited an authentic Mistress then say so.
  • Same Day Appointments (if available) are for established clients. 24 hours is preferred. New clients, I understand your excitement, but there is a screening process. I promise it will be worth it.
  • Address Me as, Mistress or Mistress Victoria.
  • Every question, can be found on My website. Review it first.
  • Never make initial contact by text. It is rude and immature.
  • While on the telephone, I am screening you. you are not screening Me.
  • Phone pest and telephone wankers I keep track of such calls and share this with other Mistresses.
  • If you are a nervous beginner say so, I will understand and grant you a bit more time to express yourself.
  • Calling Me straight from an advertisement with no clue of D/s and expect Me to explain it to you...A big No No.
  • Be prepared to speak to Me promptly and concisely. 
  • Simple Follow My protocol below, get your little man ass to Me and let the real fun begin



I may answer calls while in public, do not have the computer in My lap, and/or the freedom to speak openly. I will listen as you introduce yourself properly, supplying all information I need. Speak promptly and be Concise.

New clients: Your Call Should Go Like This;  Hi Mistress, my name is john.

  • I got Your name from (which advertisement?) or I found Your site online by googling (what did you google?)
  • We've never spoken before, and no previous email communication.
  • We've never spoke before, but, sent You email and /or application (email address?).
  • We spoke, and/or I left you a message (last week, month, year?)
  • The reason for my call: I'm a beginner wanting to schedule a session (what type, when and how long?) and /or have questions.
  • The reason for my call, I'm experienced (which Mistress?) and want to schedule a session (what type, when and how long?) and/ or have questions.


Existing Client: Your Call Should Go Like This; Hi Mistress, my name is john

  • I've seen You before, (last week, last month last year?).
  • I'm calling to schedule a session (what type, when and how long?)
  • I did send an application previously, but can send a current one (email address?)




Legitimate inquiries, will receive a short & simple reply asking that you telephone Me. If you get My voicemail do not hang up, leave your message, stating your name, mentioning the email you sent & your email address. (Do not presume your email is the only one I received.)


Abusing email with excessiveness and/or emailing Me rubbish such as, "do you do spanking, bondage, caning" will be deleted and your info shared with other Mistresses. Wait all you want, but you won't get a reply. Further more I am not interested in seeing photos of your genitals; send them to your boyfriend.

  • When was your last visit?
  • Did you send an application? 
  • If itís old send another
  • Did you use a different email address with Me? What was it?



Now Gather Up All Your Courage, Do As I Say, And Call Me!



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