E bags in 2-3-4-5- & 6 quart. Silicone, clear, multi-colors, Pumpkin, Paris and Olympic bags

French tubes of various lengths and diameters

Inflatable E tubes, higgins, dble. bulb tubes

Cath's, disposable

Venus 2000 machine, new on the market


Play piercing, play injections

Custom made supp.

Suction devices

Aneros, new on the market, various sizes

Electrical stimulation machines

Dressings, hot creams, peppermint, and Castile soaps

Glass Therm

Scopes, disposable

and more...




MEMO FROM BETHTYLER.COM: Here's are a couple of e-mails I've received from Members:

Hello Beth and Ron !

I just wanted to put a word in for Nurse Victoria, in Orange County.

I called her, and informed her of my Membership in your organization, and made an appointment.

When I arrived at her home, I was astounded by her beauty. She is absolutely stunning, much more so than her photos indicate. What's more, she has an absolutely great sense of humor.

I can't say enough about her or the way she conducts her sessions. Wow, she's really a wonderful person and nurse !

Saludos, Dave (Member) 


Hi Beth !

I really wanted to share my impressions of Nurse Victoria...

She is by FAR the best I could possibly imagine !!!

Not only is she beautiful herself, but she has an expertly equipped Clinic, and her knowledge of her specialties is SUPERB !!!

She's definitely the very best, and I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone who needs a True Enema Nurse !

Thank you for her Posting!

Very Sincerely, Ron (Member) 





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