MY LIMITS: Some things I don't do and won't consider are Infantilism scenes, brown/red showers, wrestling, body worship, breath control, and doing sessions in the nude.

I can and will "push" your limits, however don't expect me to risk your life or well-being in the process! 

Scat, suffocation and anything else of a serious physical nature that could put you in the hospital will not be offered.


  • Important protocol, a must read prior to calling. Click Here 


  • All new bookings must send a questionnaire and $100 Amazon e-gift card deposit (nonrefundable). 
  • A minimum day’s notice and booking no more then 14 days out is being respectful.  
  • Cancellation Policy; If 24 hours notice is not received, 100% of appointment time will be charged. Same day bookings will also be charged 100% for last minute cancels or "no show."


  • Session rates for Pro Dominas start at 300/hr (My area). Myself and Mistresses of similar caliber will be on the higher end. Want to know the difference?  
  • If you are new to BDSM, do yourself a favor and read the above link before you go any further. It will bring clarification.


  • 1 hour or 2-3 hours (most popular). Extended session time 4-8 hrs is preferred for certain scenes.
  • You WILL be blown away and you WILL want to explore the entire facility with its multiple theme rooms and massive amounts of equipment. 


  • Overnight and 24/7 available especially for my out of Towner’s... why would you stay at a hotel? Rate $2800.00 -$3500


  • Public training, shopping, excursions and other social activities, which may include dining, are also available.


I am an Independent Mistress; I do not work in a commercial dungeon. Since discretion is important to most of you reading this, you need not worry about being discovered or your cries heard by another, your little secret is safe. 

I maintain my own dungeon and fantasy medical clinic located in Orange County, California.  My facility comprises 5 rooms, a spotless bathroom with beautiful marble walls, shower/tub, a full size kitchen and an attached garage for parking, to ensure the utmost discretion and privacy. 

I'm very particular when it comes to my equipment and dungeon furniture. I purchase only the finest and safest available. Some of my more extreme pieces were selected from the UK and Germany.  I am a firm believer in keeping a dungeon fresh with new toys; I continually add to my collection, investing thousands of dollars.  

Some of my most treasured pieces include a gynecological  1930 exam table, custom-made cage, posture saddle chair, fetters (from London), spanking bondage bench, a human rubber "vacu-bed" and my newest piece the famous "Munchen Bed", which to my knowledge no other has in the USA.


My wardrobe is very diverse, from a formal Domina, black leather outfit to an official "starch-white" nurse uniform. PVC dresses, skirts, gloves, and rubber fetish wear. Custom made corsets, waist cinchers, and a large collection of fine lingerie, bras, panties, garter belts, stockings, and pantyhose.  

For those needing domestic discipline - a very nice Auntie/mommy dress. 

I complement these outfits with my many pairs of stiletto heeled shoes and boots - knee-high and crotch-high.  

What I wear during a session depends on my mood; you may however make a wardrobe request.